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Sepahan Oil Company (SOC), established in 1992,is an independent oil refining company.With the annual production capacity of more than 700,000 MT, SOC is now the largest producer and supplier of Group Middle East and among the best producers of various types of industrial lubricants, diesel and gasoline engine oils under the brand name “Speedy”.

Oil Sepahan dividends 200 USD

Sepahan Oil Company divideth 200 USD in cash at its annual convention.

Sepahan Oil Company Annual General Assembly held on Monday, July 4, at the Olympic venue of Tehran.

At the end of the assembly, with about 94% of the shareholders, after approval and review of the company’s financial statements, 200 U.S. dollars were considered a cash benefit per share, and the information newspaper was selected as the official newspaper of the company.


The Company has been Awarded Nationally and Internationally.

It has received

♦ Best Exporter of the Year Awards
in 2004, 2007, 2011, 2012 and 2014

♦ The Golden Award for Quality & Business Prestige
in 2007 (Geneva, Switzerland),

♦Vanity Award & the Golden Trophy for Quality New Millennium Award
in 2007 (Paris, France)
♦Premium Quality Award
from the ICS Group in Canada in 2014

Our Products

Platinum is produced from fully synthetic base stocks and high-end additives featuring ultimate performance according to API SM/CF in Sepahan Oil Company. This top-class multi-grade engine oil is based on HC synthesis technology for the latest generation of gasoline and diesel engine passenger cars. Excellent cold start characteristics, low oil consumption and reduced emissions. High technology saves fuel and minimizes wear.

Super Power is excellent multi-grade engine oil formulated and produced in Sepahan Oil Company with high-tech performance additives and high-quality base stocks. Super Power is suitable for use in gasoline, gas-fueled and diesel engine passenger cars requiring a premium engine oil of API SL/CF performance level. Excellent oxidation and thermal stability, easy cold starting, excellent protection against corrosion, wear and rust are among top performance characteristics of this product.  SAE 10W-40 viscosity grade of this product is produced based on synthetic base stocks.

Super Speedy is a conventional engine oil series of good all round performance, formulated with high quality mineral oils plus selected additives. This high-quality oil is developed for and matched to gasoline and light-duty diesel engines designed prior to 1972. Super Speedy ensures full compliance with the requirements of API SE/CC.

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